Hey you! 
Why is so hard to write this? 14 years of career and still don't know what to say. Probably I suck at Bios, probably I'm better with images than texts? Probably. But know I'm happy to have you here. This is the collection of some of my most important projects, all done collectively with the help of a bunch of amazing talented people I have to lucky to work with. But although I'm super proud of the work I've been helping to put out there, I'm always down to hear feedbacks, so feel free to e-mail me with different points of view.
Currently, I'm working at GUT Miami with previous experiences on GUT SP, DAVID/SP/MIA, Publicis, Neogama/BBH and Ogilvy Brazil. 
Also I'm grateful to help develop creative careers teaching on Miami Ad School after a period teaching at Cuca School for Creatives. So, this is me, feel free get in touch, I'm always up for a beer and a good chat. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.

Cannes Lions
2x Shortlist - Brand Experience & Act. // Blank Whopper
2x Shortlist - Direct // Blank Whopper
Shortlist - Social & Influencer // Blank Whopper
Shortlist - PR // Blank Whopper

São Paulo Creative Club Annual
Silver - PR // Blank Whopper
In Book - Outdoor // CVC Real Size Billboards 
In Book - Direct // Faber-Castell Color Pixel
Shortlist - Design // Faber-Castell Color Pixel

Silver - Social Good // The Inclusivity Match
El Ojo Iberoamerica
Silver - PR // Blank Whopper
Shortlist - Sustentable // The Inclusivity Match

Wave Festival Rio
GOLD - PR // Blank Whopper
Silver - Social Change // Blank Whopper

New York Festivals
Shortlist - Branded Content // Habib's Best Gift in The World

Bronze - Film Craft // Ties
Lusófonos / Portugal
Silver - Film // Habib's Best Gift in The World
Bronze - Branded Content // Habib's Best Gift in The World

Professionals Of The Year / BRAZIL
Finalist // Blank Whopper
Finalist // Habib's Best Gift in The World

Effie Awards
Shortlist - Positive impact // Blank Whopper
Shortlist - Retail // Blank Whopper

Grand Prix 9 - b9.com 
Grand Prix by Popular Elect - Blank Whopper

Estadão Journal Challenge
Film Winner - Blank Whopper

JURY participation 

2021, CCSP - São Paulo Annual Creative Club
2021, Colibri, Espirito Santo's Ad Award
2020, CCSP - São Paulo Annual Creative Club
2020, CCPR - Paraná Creative Club
2020, FestDigital
2019, Wired Festival Brazil
2019, PPP Pernambuco's Advertising Award


"The Thorny Future Ahead of Us" 

São Paulo Creative Club

"How To Fight Racism With Creativity"

"Creatives, how are you doing in quarantine times?"

Pernambuco Advertising Award (PPP)
"Vai dar merda" How to work with Burger King

Advertising Association of Ribeirão Preto
"Be a post covid professional now"

"The history of a portfolio" 

"Don't be Landscape" Creativity Workshop

Communication Week - Unilago University
"How is the life in an ad agency" 

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